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Where to Buy Tall Men's Clothing

Tall men everywhere... I feel your pain! As a follow-up to my article, Dressing the Tall Guy, I've done a bunch of research and compiled a list of manufacturers and stores who sell clothing for tall men, in particular slim, tall men. I know tall, thin guys have an especially difficult time finding off-the-rack clothing, but not until chasing this article did I realize the extent of your challenge and frustration level.

It's not easy to find clothing that truly meets the requirements many tall men have, but the upside is the industry has recently recognized the need, and some manufactures are beginning to meet the demand... sort of. I trust it's a matter of time until more designers jump on board and fill a void that's plagued far too many men, for far too long. In the meantime, check out what I have compiled – thanks to member input, online searches, store visits, and multiple phone calls that, hopefully, will make the hunt for stylish, properly fitting clothes a little easier.

Most listed manufactures and stores are US based, others are not, but most sell and ship internationally, which broadens the prospects. The list is in alphabetical order and does not list the type clothing sold because many overlap into various categories. Most, if not all, sell in stores and online, and although I'm sure this is not an all-inclusive list, it's a good place to start.

Alto Clothing Luxury Lane
American Apparel Macy's
American Eagle
Banana Republic Men's Warehouse
Big & Tall Shops Modern Tailor
Cabela's Moores
Carhartt Nordstorm Rack
Column Clothing Old Navy
Destination XL Orvis
Dickies Paul Frederick
Eddie Bauer Ralph Lauren
Express REI
Gap Rev'It (Motorcycle wear)
H&M Revolve Clothing
JC Penney Rochester Big and Tall
J.Crew Sears
King Size Seven Foot Seven
Kohl's Shanky's Men's Wear
Land's End Tall Jeans
Le Chateau The Tall Shop
Levi's Uniqlo
LL Bean Urban Outfitters
Lucky Brand Jeans Zara

Size should never be a determining factor in how we wear or look in our clothing. Regardless of body size and type, there aren't too many of us who are challenge-free when dressing. Although tall men have the added disadvantage of finding appropriate clothing, looking as fashionable and stylish as the next guy is possible. It may take more energy to actually find the clothes, but they are out there and worth the hunt. Gentlemen, good luck on your mission – I hope this has helped.

by Aaron Marino

Pete and Pedro

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