7 Habits KILLING Your Masculine Energy

August 26, 2023
Masculine energy is characterized by doing and achieving, molded by logic and reason. Nothing is impossible when your masculine energy is where it needs to be. You will have the structure and mindset to achieve greatness in anything. Unfortunately, most men in today’s society are lacking this masculine energy. We will go over some reasons why, along with some of the biggest.

Change these to become UNSTOPPABLE

  1. Lack of purpose. The biggest killer of masculine energy is not knowing where you’re going. Every man needs a purpose and direction, a North Star to shoot for, because everything you do will move in that direction when you have it. It’ll destroy your masculine energy and confidence if you’re unsure of where or what you want to do.
  2. Unhealthy addictions. If there’s something that you’re doing that you know you shouldn’t be doing, like drinking, smoking, drugs, or watching porn, break the habit. Stop returning to people holding you back and not allowing you to feel good about yourself. If you don’t have control over an aspect of your life, break the habit. It’s hard but not impossible.
  3. Lack of muscularity. If you’re not taking care of your body and you don’t have a muscular physique, there’s no way that your masculine energy is where it needs to be. You’re also destroying your testosterone level. A man who has an excellent physique is from a different mold.
  4. Destroying your package. Research demonstrates the benefits of consistently using Big Al and the Twins to keep things working correctly. Boost your masculine energy and make your package bigger, better, stronger, and sexier by exercising, eating right, not drinking too much, not smoking, and wearing the right underwear. There’s only one right underwear, Sheath, which is recommended by urologists because they are healthier for your balls and your package. The dual chamber design separates the Twins from Big Al to keep them cooler, dryer, and healthier. Sheath also makes your package look humongous. Use code ALPHA2023 for 20% off (the code auto-applied when the link is clicked).
  5. Victim mentality. Masculine men take action and control their destinies. A victim waits for something to happen and blames others for unhappiness. You’ll start being a man once you take control and realize that you have 100% control over what you think and do (and not what others do because you can’t control them).
  6. Lack of daily routine. You need to have a structure to your day to achieve in life. Get up early, which is the best thing you can do to have more hours in the day and more time in the morning. You can do something selfish like meditating, reading, or working out. You can do things to be healthier both physically and mentally. But this means you must go to bed at a decent hour. Not getting enough sleep means you’re testosterone will not be where it needs to be. A lack of sleep will also not allow your body or energy where it needs to be.
  7. Not dealing with life’s obstacles. (a) Fix issues in your life. Make an appointment if you need to go to therapy to stay strong mentally. You will not be confident with yourself or feel healthy if issues are holding you back. Once you take action and decide that you deserve to be happy and healthy, you will feel incredible and unstoppable. (b) Also, you will not achieve greatness if you’re too fearful to go after what you want and second-guess yourself. You cannot doubt yourself or be so worried about failure. You need to understand that risks are a part of life, and you have to take risks if you ever want to achieve greatness. Nothing great was ever accomplished because it was easy. Accomplishments can be difficult and take hard work. Failures build confidence and masculine energy. So, if you fail, pick yourself back up, and over time, you will become unstoppable.

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