I Took Testicle Growth Supplements for 30 Days {SHOCKING RESULTS}!

March 16, 2023
For the last 30 days, I’ve been taking a supplement claiming it will make my balls bigger. I don’t want to promote the product, so I am covering up the label (aka “Big Balls”). I started thinking about testicle size and this product’s claim is because of an article I saw in the New York Post saying that drinking Coke and Pepsi will lead to larger testicles and more testosterone. 

The Coke & Pepsi study was conducted over 15 days. The mice that consumed nothing but Coke and Pepsi had larger testicles and more testosterone by the end of the study. Interestingly, another study showed the complete opposite, with 2,500 men drinking a liter of Coke daily having 30% fewer sperm than those who consumed no Coke.

These studies sent me down the rabbit hole of testosterone levels and testicle size. Research shows that bigger testicles are better, bigger balls are healthier, and testicle shrinks in size as we age. That’s when I came across this “Big Balls” product and decided to buy and try it after reading the amazing reviews.

Tips to keep the boys as healthy as possible

Before I review what happened when I took the product, I want to provide some tips to ensure you have healthy testicles.

  • Don’t be overweight or obese. Data shows that testosterone levels lower when you’re overweight, making your balls smaller.
  • Make sure to exercise. It’s incredible for your body and balls.
  • Don’t take TRT unless you need it. Don’t experiment with it just to look good. It’s artificial testosterone causing your balls not to work as hard. Your balls will shrink like raisins.
  • Don’t have unprotected sex. If you could track certain STDs, your balls could be damaged permanently.
  • Don’t drink in excess, don’t do drugs, and don’t smoke. All are bad for your balls.
  • Make sure you wear proper underwear. The best underwear is Sheath, which has a dual chamber. Your boys and Big Al are separated, which means friction, discomfort, sweating, chafing, and foul odor are reduced or eliminated.

Bigger balls from bacteria?

Bigger balls are better because they produce more testosterone and sperm, so many products claim they can give bigger balls from a bacteria (probiotic). A study was conducted where mice were given a probiotic, which caused a drop in cortisol levels, increased testosterone levels, and less shrinking of balls with the aging process. The hypothesis is that the probiotic is healthy for the male reproductive system.

A lot more research is coming out about your gut biome and taking probiotics. I take a probiotic from Seed daily, which helps me with digestion and other things. I haven’t been paying attention to whether or not it helps me with my balls. That’s why I decided to try this “Big Balls” product.

For 30 days, I took this supplement while pausing my other probiotic. I did not feel or notice the difference after 30 days. Because I was already taking a probiotic for a long time, the effects weren’t as dramatic on me as they would be on somebody else who hasn’t taken a probiotic. I am not vouching for the product, therefore. But I attest that a probiotic is incredible to add to your diet or supplement program.

What I am going to do now

I’m going to continue with Seed and not this other product. If you feel you have low testosterone, go to your doctor and get checked. There’s a simple test. Try some lifestyle modifications before getting on TRT if you’re testosterone is low. Your body won’t work properly again after TRT, so it’s worth trying lifetime modifications first. Do the things that you can manage that are healthy first.

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