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Does It Work or Does It SUCK? | Testing BEARD KING's Beard Bib

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BEARD KING's Beard Bib | Hair Clippings Catcher & Grooming Cape Apron
This is not a sponsored video. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is testing Beard King's Beard Bib as seen on Shark Tank. Alpha met the owner when he was out there pitching Pete & Pedro. The bib catches all the clippings in a barber cape which is suctioned cupped to the mirror. After shaving, the clippings can be disposed of, and the cape is folded back into it's attached holder.

Beard Bib Test Drive

Alpha is taking the Beard Bib for a test drive in his bathroom. He's so excited to try this grooming related product as it's been a while! He shows the carrying case that folds out the bib with the suction cups. Alpha secures it around his neck and suction cups it to the mirror. There are also hooks if you don't want to use the cups. He grooms and trims his beard as usual. The cape collected the trimmings, but the clean up had a few issues.

The Verdict

The product is a great invention that solves a problem, but Alpha doesn't think he'll continue to use it as he's a creature of habit. Plus he feels as if you're exchanging one problem for another (clean up the sink versus clean up the bib). Note that once shaken outside, it comes clean and is easily folded back into it's carrying case. So, if you're getting yelled at for leaving beard trimmings in the sink, you should check out the Beard Bib. The product is cool!

Pete and Pedro

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