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Men's Wallet | Options and Styles of Wallets, Clips, Holders

Professional male image consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about the different options for carrying cash and credit cards.  Wallets are a great way to express your style in a subtle and understated way.

The wallet is a men's accessory although rarely seen. Little things, however, set you apart from other men.  Alpha discusses all of the items that are packed into your wallet and then jammed into the back of your pants. As a side note, never carry condoms in your wallet-- damage is likely!

Different Options and Styles

  • Bi-fold wallet- most widely used
  • Tri-fold wallet- the extra fold has the tendency to make the wallet thick
  • Coat wallet- longer and rectangular with multiple slots. Don't carry in back pocket.
  • Chain wallet- became popular in the 1970s from the Hells Angels. No one will steal this one from you! It's casual.
  • Money Clip- keep bills together and carry in front pocket
  • Credit Card Holder- it's sleek and stylish but carrying cash is tougher than a regular wallet
  • Money Clip Credit Card Holder- union of one perfect creation!


There are a tremendous amount of options but wallets do wear out after awhile. Check your wallet: is it over-filled? Thin it out! Remove credit cards that you don't use regularly and lock 'em up. Put business cards and receipts somewhere else. Also take a look at your wallet's condition. If it's looking rough, replace it. Replace your wallet about once a year as well as have multiple wallets to match your shoes. You don't have to spend a lot of money. You can pick up an appealing and sexy wallet for around $15.

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