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Cologne 101 | Basic Fragrance Terminology

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. translates some basic cologne knowledge. He kicks things off with a breakdown of various fragrances on the market and what they mean to the average guy. Alpha warns that he will be mispronouncing many words.

Categories include: perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne. The big difference between all four categories is the concentration of the essence in each. The parfum is super concentrated at 40% potency (essence per fluid volume). You don't need as much and is a speciality item for men.

Eau de _______ is what men typically see. What drives the cologne-heads crazy is calling every fragrance a *cologne*. It all boils down to concentration. Eau de parfum is 15% potency, eau de toilette is 10%, and eau de cologne is 7%. The lower on the scale the more often you'll have to reapply.

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