15 Types of Women Who Will RUIN Your Life {GUARANTEED}!

May 20, 2022
Unfortunately, women do not come out and straight-up tell you that they are a disaster in that they will ruin your life. Nevertheless, it doesn’t even matter because, as men, we are so blinded by super sexy sassy senoritas that it would not even matter. We would risk everything for the biscuit today. I am going over a few women that will literally ruin your life. Take action as soon as you can.

You need to understand that the person you choose to be with has to be equally as amazing as you are. She should not be kissing your ass, and you should not be kissing her ass. It is a partnership. When you find somebody that makes you feel great about yourself and loves you, it is game over. You need to find somebody you can kick it with long-term, but if she possesses any of these toxic traits, unfortunately, she is not good enough for you.

  1. Cheater – those who cheat have something fundamentally wrong with them, and they have issues to work out. They are looking for attention.
  2. Influencer – anybody trying to make a living by being popular will constantly seek emotional validation.
  3. Gold digger – she is constantly worried about what you can give her or what she can get from you. She is going to tell you whatever she thinks you need to hear in order for you to give her stuff.
  4. Princess — she expects you to do a lot for her and has an attitude.
  5. Party girl –this girl is always up for a good time, going out drinking, and being crazy. She is a recipe for disaster because nobody makes good decisions when drinking.
  6. Promiscuous – there is nothing wrong with sowing your oats or getting freaky but not if she is trying to fill a void or get validation by sleeping with a ton of dudes.
  7. Sexually negligent – 1 million people get infected by STDs worldwide every day. Being ignorant is no excuse. Use the at-home test Let’s Get Checked at least once a year if you are sexually active and more often if you think something else is going on. If you need it, you will be able to get prescribed medication to treat it. Click + use code ALPHAM at checkout and enjoy 30% OFF your total order! 
  8. Drama Queen – this girl is overly dramatic about everything. She will make your life hell because everything turns into big monstrous deals.
  9. Dirty fighter – she will bring up the past and old crap that you thought was already dealt with.
  10. Jealous – she will be snooping and questioning. She will not let you hang out with your friends.
  11. Dumb – there is nothing worse than a dumb girl other than a mean girl.
  12. Mean girl — life is too short to date a mean girl.
  13. All guy friends – if she has no girlfriends, that is not normal or natural. It is weird, especially if they are ex-boyfriends.
  14. Bad with money – if she is terrible with money and has no goals, no motivation, and no drive, the only thing she wants to do is find a man. She needs to have a plan other than being a mom or wife. She needs to have ambition and motivation.
  15. Preoccupied with her looks – she is a woman who has had plastic surgery, has gigantic eyelashes, and is having filler put into her face. She has a toxic mindset.

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