9 Things {Good Looking} Guys Do DAILY!

July 14, 2022
Are you ready to be better looking? If the answer is ‘hell yes!’ this video is for you as it will take your looks to the next level. The inspiration for this video came from an email from one of our friends who wanted to know what he could do to improve his looks. Some basic things good-looking guys do every day will help not only him but every man be more attractive. Some of these will make you look physically more attractive, whereas others are more about perception (the way people will view you in terms of your looks).

Daily habits of attractive men include …

  1. Giving compliments — the psychological power of praise is unbelievable. Compliments feel good to give and get, and you will be viewed as more attractive when you give them.
  2. Being properly hydrated — your body, face, and skin will all benefit. Your breath will also be better.
  3. Getting enough sleep — don’t miss out on sleep, so you not only feel incredible but look amazing too.
  4. Not smoking — whether weed or cigarettes, your teeth will get discolored, your skin will not look as good, you’ll reach for junk food, and your motivation will decline.
  5. Working out — every day, you should be doing something for your body, whether walking, jogging, going to the gym, pumping iron, or doing calisthenics. You will look better, feel better, and lose some chubby body fat.
  6. Taking care of their face — you want a handsome face now and when you’re older. Start taking care of it now, no matter what your age. Use Tiege Hanley, which provides the essentials. Core four products include face wash, SPF AM moisturizer, exfoliating scrub, and PM moisturizer, all Level 1 essential & basic skincare products. Add eye cream to progress to Level 2, or add eye cream + anti-aging super serum for Level 3.
  7. Dressing well — style is the great equalizer. You can take an ‘average-looking’ guy to ‘amazing-looking’ by dressing him in an outfit that (a) fits his body correctly, (b) highlights his positive attributes, and (c) minimizes his perceived negatives. By understanding clothing and your body, you can aesthetically look taller, leaner, more muscular, and more attractive.
  8. Smiling — it’s your most powerful nonverbal communication tool. When you smile, you are perceived as friendlier, more fun, more outgoing, and better looking. If you have issues preventing you from smiling or feeling comfortable smiling, get it fixed. You can whiten your teeth quickly and easily, which is essential because regardless of the quantity or quality of your teeth, a white smile looks better.
  9. Not shaving under their chin — if you have a beard, shaving under your chin is wrong and a pet peeve of mine. You will look like you have a double-chin. Check out my demonstration on how to determine where to shave this area.

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