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8 Winter Style Must Haves | Men's Cold Weather Fashion Essentials

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Pea Coat Price Points | Does Higher Price Equal Higher Quality?
ELMA Deerskin Leather Cashmere-Lined Gloves
Parr and Co. Watches
How to Buy Perfect Boots | 5 Boot Buying Tips
Man Bag 101 | Why Every Guy Needs a Satchel
This season is Alpha's favorite season because of the amazing men's style staples and cold weather accessories. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is discussing how to look good and stay warm while knocking it out of the style park.
  1. Pea coat - jacket perfection! It works great with business casual as well it can be dressed down with jeans.
  2. Lightweight leather gloves - just what the style doctor ordered when they're lined. They're hard to find in stores; however, Amazon has a great selection.
  3. Watch - Parr & Co. is Alpha's latest and is simple and clean. His piece features a gray tweed band, and the quick release strap is cool so you can change out your straps in other seasons!
  4. Scarf - scarves are an amazing way to add detail, dimension, interest, depth, and color into an outfit. Scarves can change the look and feel of an outfit.
  5. Light weight v-neck sweater - Alpha's is from The GAP.
  6. Knit hat - Alpha's gotta cover up those elf ears! A simple knit hat is never far away.
  7. Boots - rock some amazing, rugged, and masculine boots. Thursday Boots makes incredibly high quality boots at an amazing price. Check out Alpha's latest acquisition.
  8. Man bag -keep your clean lines and symmetry of your jacket! Carry your winter gear as well as your manly essentials in a man bag. Nutsac is Alpha's bag of choice.

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