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BEST Cardio to SHRED Fat FAST!

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One of the questions that Alpha gets asked all the time, "What cardio exercise is best?" In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro helps you get lean by answering this question!

The best cardio for shredding fat fast is... all of them! There is no best! However, here are some fat loss facts that will keep your cardio optimal.

Target Heart Rate

Cardio is giving your heart and lungs exercises and uses fat to keep you going. Everyone has a heart rate max. The target heart rate is 80% of that the max:

  • 220 - age = your max
  • take the max and multiply by .6 (lower range)
  • take the max and multiply by .8 (upper range)


When Alpha's heart is beating between 108 and 144, his body is using fat. If you go above the 80%, muscle, glucose, and glycogen are used.

Cardio on an Empty Stomach, First Thing in the Morning

Want to super size this fat loss? Perform the cardio the 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If you want to burn the most body fat as possible, do cardio the first thing in the morning. Thirty minutes of cardio in the morning is equivalent to an hour-and-a-half later in the day. Hit that cardio in the morning guys!

Sensible Diet

Combine target heart rate and cardio first thing in the morning with a sensible diet and you will be SHREDDING FAT FAST! "Body for Life" (Free Audiobook Download) was a book which gave sensible diet instruction that Alpha saw work like nothing before! You don't need to use their supplements-- use the principles. You can get the audio version on Audible. Download "Body for Life" on Audible for Free. Audible also helps when doing cardio which can suck sometimes! Alpha listens to it daily!

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