How to Talk with Your Hands | Eight Hand Talking Tips

December 12, 2014
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Have you ever noticed that people who talk with passion and purpose flail their hands more? Research has been done about hand communication. Those who use their hands to gesture are viewed more favorably: warm, agreeable, energetic. Those who don’t use hands are viewed more cold, logical, and systematic.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. views himself as a master in hand gestures and gives home hand talking tips. It’s looks comfortable and natural when hands are used to communicate. The more expressive you are, the better off you’ll be trying to get your point across in a more casual and convincing manner.

Alpha Hand Talking Tips

  1. Know your hand speaking space (chest to waist). If you go outside the bubble, it’s exaggerated.
  2. Expressive versus crazy looking – do in disciplined fashion.
  3. Fluid and smooth gestures so you don’t look like a robot.
  4. Rhythm follows the speech pattern.
  5. Utilize the entire arm, including fingers. Loosen up and let them flow.
  6. Consistency with speed – hand gestures follow speech tempo
  7. Learn your hands: 45 angle with palms up is ideal position (openness and honesty), palms up with fingers spread (needing something), palms down (power and dominance), clenched fists (pissed), pointing (scolding), steepling (means you know exactly what you’re talking about)
  8. Practice – start when talking with someone on the phone and / or videotape yourself

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