10 Items That Make You Look BAD… INSTANTLY

September 8, 2023
A few items will make men look instantly bad, even if they’re super good-looking and dressed well. Unfortunately, if you make any of these mistakes, it is game over, and you lose.
  1. Visible undershirt. This mistake was one of the biggest that makes a man look terrible. If you wear an undershirt to prevent sweat rings and nipples from showing, that’s cool, but you need to ensure it’s deep enough v not to be visible.
  2. Improper pants. First, your pant leg should not be puddling. If you have extra fabric down at the ankle, you will look bad instantly. You need to get your pants hemmed and ensure the leg is tapered because the proportions will be incorrect if they don’t. Second, you need a nice clean drop that’s not a big wide leg. Pants that are too wide will make you look shorter. Too skinny or tight doesn’t look good either. Ensure you can pinch an inch on either side of your thigh when you reach down. Third, the rise is also important because you will look bad if it’s too long or too low. You should not be able to see camel toe or pants sagging off of your ass.
  3. Fun stuff. Whether wearing fun socks or stupid fundies, you will look like a little boy, not a sexy gentleman. You must ensure you’re stylish and smooth, which does not include zany socks.
  4. Specific shoes. Some shoes are deal breakers, such as dirty white shoes. Boat shoes also will make you look stupid, and athletic shoes or running shoes with anything that is non-athletic will instantly make you look bad. If you want cool kicks, wear them, but ensure the outfit is consistent. You cannot wear running shoes with business casual, for instance.
  5. Dorky polos. A dorky polo can make you look like a boring, basic dad. Never wear anything with horizontal stripes or whacky collars. You will look sloppy. Also, if the sleeves are stretched out or too high or low, you’ll instantly look bad. Collars and Co. has the best polo I’ve ever worn. Unlike the standard polo, a Collars and Co. polo can look good under a suit, sweater, and more. The aesthetic is elevated, and the fit is flawless.
  6. Little boy backpacks. If you throw on a typical backpack, you look ready for school. It’s not a clean or sexy look. If you want to carry a backpack, check out my example: a more minimal and aesthetically pleasing appearance. You can also carry your computer stuff for work in a crossbody bag like mine (see example in video).
  7. Sunglasses inside. If you’re rocking shades indoors, you’re a douche.
  8. Pet fur and lint. You must invest in a lint roller if you have fur and fuzz all over your clothes. You can also use it for dandruff. But make sure you get rid of your dandruff because there’s nothing nastier than having a bunch of dandruff on your clothes. This also includes deodorant marks.
  9. Trying too hard. If you wear clothes that are too youthful or inconsistent with your look, you’ll instantly look bad. When you go into a store, and everybody in there is 20 years younger than you, it’s the wrong store.
  10. Horrible hats. Fedoras will make you look dorky, and baseball hats are sometimes inappropriate. Ensure your hat is not crusty, nasty, and disgusting with sweat marks and salt rings. The bill should not be frayed, either. So, upgrade and get a new hat when needed. Also, if you want to wear a baseball hat backward, understand that people will view you as more youthful. If you wear it to the side, people will hate you. You will look stupid if you wear it forward and tuck your ears into it.

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