10 Skinny Guy Hacks to Look Better & MORE Muscular!

February 14, 2022
Which shoe looks bigger? The lighter one does because it reflects the light. The darker shoe is the same size, but it absorbs the light, making feet appear smaller. It’s smoke and mirrors, gentlemen. That being said, for any dude wanting to look bigger and more muscular in clothes, I have some tips, tricks, and hacks to make you look more jacked.

Smoke and mirrors for the thin dude

  1. Do not have big hair — it will make your neck look skinny. Instead, go for a textured and tapered style that is tighter on the sides.
  2. Do not wear skinny or dark jeans — skinny jeans will make you look super tiny. Also, dark wash and black jeans will make you look thinner. Look for mid-wash or lighter color jeans.
  3. Stay away from vertical stripe patterns on suits — in terms of patterns, choose a glen plaid or windowpane. Also, the darker charcoal will not look good on the thin guy. Opt for something a bit more light in color and sold. A peak lapel will add visual strength and interest to the shoulders.
  4. Choose v-necks over crew necks — the v angle draws the eye down, making shoulders appear broader. When layering under a light jacket or cardigan sweater, v necks are a great contrast. Further, don’t wear a tee-shirt that is too tight. Cuts Clothing’s shirts have strategic tightness through the chest, with the sleeves not being super long, big, or baggy.
  5. Wear hoodies — hoodies are excellent, helping men look more muscular because they add strength to the upper neck area. Make sure your hoodie isn’t too big and baggy, however. Cuts Clothing hoodies are strategically fitted through the chest and arms. Plus, they eliminated the kangaroo pouch with two side pockets.
  6. Henleys are amazing — it’s all about the v and bringing the eye down, making your shoulders appear broader. Again, the fit is critical, which Cuts Clothing has Henleys that are next level.
  7. Be choosy with your button-up shirt collar — you shouldn’t have extra room or gaps around your neck. Have the button moved or go custom as finding off-the-rack shirts that fit the skinny guy is tricky. Additionally, make sure the collar isn’t too big, but you don’t want it too small either. I recommend a standard cutaway collar.
  8. Roll your sleeve the alpha way — the bigger and bulkier the cuff, the smaller your forearm will look. Check out my demonstration of how to roll your sleeve the alpha way.
  9. Wear a watch — watches make your wrist appear bigger. Wearing watches also shortens the distance from your hand to your elbow, making your forearm look bigger.
  10. Don’t wear big and bulky footwear — no dad shoes! Also, don’t wear overly pointy footwear; opt for a natural or rounded toe. White sneakers are incredible for making someone with a small foot appear to have larger feet.

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