10 Signs Your Testosterone Level Is DROPPING

January 26, 2023
We are facing a testosterone epidemic. Much research demonstrates that men have much less testosterone than men, even 15 years ago. There are many reasons why, which I will go over today. I also want to go over signs that you may have low or dropping testosterone levels.

The first part of the video will be some reasons why testosterone is dropping, the second part is signs that yours is low, and then I’m going to go over steps you can take to facilitate testosterone production naturally to keep it elevated. If you have any of these warning signs, you must go to the doctor and check them out. Also, make lifestyle modifications to keep your testosterone levels high. 

Why testosterone levels are dropping

Being overweight is something that has increased over the past decades. We are fatter as a society than we were years ago, and testosterone levels go down as body fat increases. And as body fat goes up, estrogen levels go up.

We are more sedentary as a society. We’re sitting on our asses more, playing video games and watching TV. We aren’t moving as much as we were, and we’re eating more crap versus 30 years ago. All of the process chemicals and saturated nonsense directly impact our testosterone levels. The healthier you eat, the higher your testosterone levels will typically be. 

EDCs, which stand for endocrine-disrupting chemicals, disrupt our hormone regulation by the endocrine system. The biggest offenders are grooming products and drinking out of plastics that contain BPA, parabens, sulfates, and more. Antiperspirant deodorants are one of the most toxic products that you can use. Aluminum clogs sweat ducts and does not allow your body to perspire. As a result, you’re trapping toxins in your lymph system. Check out Pete & Pedro’s Fresh Deodorant, which is healthy, derived from natural ingredients, and an incredibly effective product that applies clear. Also, make sure you’re using a body and ball powder that does not have talc, such as Pete & Pedro’s Body and Balls Powder. Use LEVEL20 for 20% off your order.

Warning signs that your testosterone level is dropping

  1. No more morning wood. When you wake up, you should be rock solid. Morning wood is normal when your testosterone level is normal. But if this starts to go away, your testosterone level may be dropping.
  2. Not interested in getting freaky. If your sex drive is going down, that’s a sign.
  3. Your memory is not as good, or you’re becoming forgetful. If you are misplacing things often, can’t remember people’s names or things that you used to be able to remember, or find recall difficult, testosterone levels are dropping.
  4. Your testicles are itty-bitty. Whether or not they’ve always been small or recently gotten smaller, this is a sign that they’re not working the way they should. Sure, some dudes are born with smaller testicles and wieners from a lack of testosterone when developing in utero. Bodybuilders who give their bodies extra testosterone may have itty bitty nuts because of testicular atrophy. Juiced bodybuilders’ nuts will not work as hard and will shrink. If you’re not taking the juice and you’re noticing your testicles have gotten smaller, this is a sign they’re not working the way that they should. Get them checked.
  5. Reduced semen volume. If Big Al shoots off less volume, this is a sign that the testosterone level is going down. As you age, the volume decreases, but coincidentally, so does your testosterone level.
  6. Recent increase of body fat or decrease of muscle mass. If you’re a hard gainer or having difficulty packing on muscle, this could be a sign that you don’t have an adequate amount of testosterone.
  7. Tired all the time and don’t have energy. This is a huge warning sign that your testosterone level has something going on.
  8. Thinning pubes and pit hair. Your pubes will become less dense if your testosterone levels are low. Armpit hair will also thin.
  9. Hair may thin. Genetics does play a part in this but so do testosterone levels. The conversion to DHT also plays a role in male pattern baldness, not to mention hair loss. The more testosterone you have, the more DHT, and the more prone to baldness you actually are on your head.
  10. Thinner and patchy beard. Some men are not genetically predisposed to having a lot of facial hair like in some cultures, even if they have crazy high testosterone levels. But, if you have a decent beard and notice it’s starting to thin, this is a sign that testosterone levels are dropping. This is similar to pubes and armpit hair.

Elevate your testosterone level naturally

  • Lift heavy. Work out your body, as there’s a correlation between you lifting heavy weights and releasing testosterone.
  • Eat a healthy and clean diet. 
  • Stop drinking out of plastic and start using metal or glass instead.
  • Eat more organic or free-range meats because the hormones injected into these animals are not great for your body. 
  • Stop drinking dairy, as half a cup of dairy increases your risk of developing prostate cancer by 30%. 
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol you consume because it’s terrible for testosterone levels. 
  • Beer forms more estrogen because of the hops, which is a phytoestrogen. The more beer you consume, the higher the estrogen levels and the lower the testosterone levels. 
  • Stop smoking weed is also not good for testosterone production, not to mention sperm production. 
  • Reduce your man boobs and love handles. The higher your body fat, the lower your testosterone, and the higher your estrogen will be. 

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