How to Make People Like You MORE {10 Psychological Tricks}!

August 5, 2022
Being likable is a superpower because if you’re likable, you will have more opportunities with everything from spicy senoritas to friends to employment. The best part is you can learn to be likable, so I will show you some psychological tricks to make other people like you a little more.

Learn the superpower of likability

  1. Lead with a compliment – This is a very powerful and devastatingly incredible trick. It is impossible not to like somebody that gives you praise. You feel great for giving the compliment, and the person feels great for receiving it.
  2. Stop the act – Don’t act like you’re something you’re not. Being honest and open makes you more attractive and likable. Be authentic, which will allow you to connect with others more deeply.
  3. Joke about yourself – Don’t negatively do this, however. There’s a big difference between poking fun at yourself in a playful manner to let a person know that you don’t take yourself too seriously versus putting yourself down. You also don’t want to look like you’re having a pity party.
  4. Be more interesting – We are drawn to fascinating people that we can learn from and who are not boring. Be a well-rounded person and learn a lot of stuff. I use Skillshare (use code ALPHAM for 30-days free), which I recently took a “Social Skills Master Class: Make Friends Online, in the Gym, and at School!”
  5. Develop your social intelligence – The Skillshare Social Skills Master Class that I took goes over valuable tips regarding body language, eye contact, starting a conversation, smiling properly, and approaching people without looking creepy.
  6. Go above and beyond expectations – Most people do the bare minimum to get by whether it’s a relationship, friendship, or work relationship. But if you are the person that’s willing to go the extra step and do a bit more than what is expected, you will blow people’s minds. People will know that you’re the guy to go to.
  7. Give without expectations – We often think of things in relationships as transactional, so give without expecting anything in return. Make a habit of giving your time, money, energy, advice, and friendship without expecting anything in return.
  8. Give of your time – We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Most of us are super protective with our time, and we don’t like to give it away. But if you are a person that helps others, you are more likable because you’re known to not be selfish.
  9. Be a better listener – Most people are not listening but waiting for their turn to talk. If somebody is telling you something, they are being vulnerable, so you should actively listen. Nod your head and use body language to let them know you’re actively listening.
  10. Be open and vulnerable – Give permission to the other person to come inside your world. It’s about inviting them to see the real you. Being open shows that you are honestly a genuine person. We like to be surrounded by people that we feel are genuine, and it also allows us to be ourselves around them.

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