6 POWERFUL Ways to BOOST Confidence & Looks {30 Day Plan}!

July 7, 2022
I talk about confidence so much because it’s the aspect that truly changed my life. When I started to believe in myself and my abilities, everything got better. A lot of guys think they can fake it until they make it, but that’s when confidence can come across as arrogance. In this video, I am going to cover actionable steps that you can take to boost your confidence and look better instantly and dramatically.

Instantly and dramatically feel AND look better!

  1. Take cold showers —  putting yourself in an uncomfortable position and then going through with it will make you believe in yourself a little bit more daily. Start your day with a mental win!
  2. Fix something that’s bothering you physically — whether a dad bod, man boobs, love handles, skinny fat, bad skin, bad teeth or hair loss, fix it!  Bosley has the solution for hair loss no matter what stage of hair loss you’re experiencing.
  3. Cut out alcohol — you will feel incredible because you won’t have hangovers, and you’ll mentally feel like the king. Stop being self-destructive then beating yourself up over it. You will also look better!
  4. Give at least three compliments a day — give them out to anyone, including strangers. You’ll feel incredible, and your self-esteem and confidence will go up. You’ll also meet new people.
  5. Meet new people — make new friends to feel better (and more attractive) and have social proof.
  6. Exercise daily — try 100 push-ups or walk/jog. It doesn’t matter as long as you do something. Both your body and mind will change.


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