20 Popular Men’s Trends That SUCK!

June 4, 2024
Just because something becomes popular doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck. It also doesn’t mean it’s not crazy, annoying, or look stupid.
  1. Broccoli hair. Broccoli is the only thing I can think of when I see these young dudes rocking this poof of curly hair. It’s puffy and big, with a tight, shaved look all around. It looks stupid.
  2. Tech watches. There’s a time and a place for function, and these watches are not stylish at all.
  3. See-through shirts. There’s a massive surge in the number of see-through shirts that guys are wearing, whether or not it’s a polo, pullover, or button-up. They’re layering over the top of a tank top. It looks horrible. Most dudes do not have the body to pull off this look.
  4. Big and Baggy. Whether or not it’s Mom or Dad jeans or big and baggy boxy t-shirts or sweatshirts, this look is terrible. Oversized clothing can make a man look really skinny or fat and short. Your clothes need to fit to maximize your aesthetic.
  5. Too tight. Reciprocally, tight jeans or pants look terrible as well.
  6. Pleated pants. The only guys who look good wearing pleated pants are 6 ft 2 in and 27 years old. They weigh about 180 lb and are built like models. Otherwise, pleated pants look terrible on men with added fabric in the crotch.
  7. Bulky shoes. Clunky shoes break the visual illusion by wearing clunky shoes. It also makes men look short.
  8. Filming at the gym. Guys that are filming themselves at the gym with a tripod and phone suck. It’s annoying while others are grinding and hustling.
  9. Not walking the talk. If you want to start a hustle or side grind, you need to take action and not just talk about it.
  10. Tattoos everywhere. It seems like everyone is getting tattoos, no matter who they are. People need to stop and think before they ink.
  11. Sh^t in your face. Stop putting all the piercings in your face.
  12. Designer dogs. Any dog that you get at a pet store and spend thousands of dollars for or even finance needs to stop. So many needy animals are available who need adoptions in a great home.
  13. Spending a lot on fragrance. Many of the fragrances are overpriced, and most of them you’ll never wear. I love Creed Aventus, but it was too expensive. So I created an inspired fragrance, REBEL,  for literally 50 bucks.
  14. Performance-enhancing drugs. Taking any kind of performance-enhancing drugs, such as TRT, will shrink a man’s balls. To have an incredible body, watch your diet and work out. You also need to get some sleep.
  15. Smoking. Smoking anything, whether cigarettes, vaping, or Mary Jane, will do unfortunate things to your body. They kill your motivation and damage your health.
  16. Crappy food and drink. What society has deemed popular to drink and eat is terrible, ranging from horrible sugary drinks to sodas to diet sodas.
  17. Social media obsession. We spend way too much time on our phones and computers, damaging our brains and bodies and making us unmotivated because of the lack of dopamine.
  18. Showing your body for money. Whether getting attention for being half-naked or naked on social media sucks.
  19. Casual action. Casual sex is detrimental even though many think it’s no big deal. There are many potential consequences, not to mention the emotional damage that could possibly happen.
  20. Talking trash. It’s become easier to talk trash about people, make fun of them, and say horrible things about them because there’s no accountability behind the keyboard. Without the fear of having to talk to a person, trash-talkers are not being held accountable.

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