The PERFECT Men’s Morning Routine 2023!

January 4, 2023
Your morning is indicative of how your day is going to unfold. Don’t get up without a plan or structure! However, morning routines are not one size fits all; what I do in the morning may not suit your motivation and productivity. But, every morning routine has key components and critical aspects. Here’s how to develop your perfect routine. Once you figure out what works for you, implement and execute it to dominate 2023.

Key components to kickass mornings

  • Reverse engineer. Determine how much time you need to accomplish everything, then wake up accordingly. Don’t get into the bad habit of hitting the snooze button.
  • Hydrate. Before any coffee, start with a warm glass of lemon water for hydration and to get your digestive system going. Then make sure you drink a gallon of water a day. Keep in mind that the lemon in the lemon water has Vitamin C, a fantastic antioxidant.
  • Supplement. I recommend taking Ritual Daily Essential for Men. As the highest quality product, you get ten traceable micronutrients.
  • Sunlight. Getting outside early in the day recalibrates your brain and keeps your circadian rhythm in check.
  • Exercise. Get your body in motion, kickstart your day, and get your blood flowing with movement. Exercise helps your circadian rhythm as well. You could jog, walk, pump a little iron, do some yoga, or stretch. If you’re not a morning person, make sure to do it later in the day.
  • Plan your day. It’s impossible to go through your day and wing it. You’ll be more productive if you plan your day – write down the key things you need to accomplish. Check them off when you complete them. This process adds structure to your day.
  • Personal care. Get a shower and make sure your grooming is straight.
  • Plan your outfit the night before. You’ll just grab clothes if you’re running late in the morning. Planning the night before will save time, and you look better if you’ve picked out something thoughtfully from the night before.
  • Plan your meals. It’s impossible to wing a healthy diet. Don’t get man boobs and love handles. Prepare meals for the week so you always have something nutritious and ready to be eaten.

Featured video

Cold showers are amazing for getting the juices flowing, help you shower faster, and have all sorts of health benefits. One benefit I love is getting my morning routines done quickly. They’ll help you speed up your morning routine because they promote efficiency as you want to get out quicker. To expedite my cold shower, I apply my shampoo, then wash and scrub my body with a loofah (you’ll get cleaner and exfoliated), wash my face/neck/beard, and then shave. The shower is the perfect time to combine tasks, and shaving is one of them. Just use your wash – it’s an incredible shave cream that’s quick, easy, and time-saving.

Grab your Pete & Pedro shower essentials today!

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