September 26, 2022
You are not unattractive, but I totally understand why you could feel that way. Social media is messing us up in terms of our self-esteem, confidence, our perception of the way that we look, and our perception of how we think we should look. If you are one of these people and don’t feel amazing about yourself, I’m sharing a few ways that have helped me feel better about myself, my confidence, and my appearance.

Ways I boost my confidence about my appearance

Stop comparing myself to other people. It’s cliche, but don’t compare yourself to others if you want to feel better about yourself. How do you do that? I’ve been trying, and I still haven’t figured it out, but one thing I have done is remove specific social media platforms to limit my exposure.

Take better care of my body. If you have man boobs or love handles, lose extra body fat by going to the gym. Even if you have an average face, losing weight will make you overall more attractive.

Take care of breakouts, acne, and blemishes. Try Tiege Hanley. Once you try it, you’ll feel great about yourself because you’re doing essential but fundamental things for your face, which will radiate handsomeness. Tiege Hanley levels include the basics, including wash, scrub, AM moisturizer, and PM moisturizer. Level Two adds eye cream, and Level Three adds eye cream plus anti-aging super serum. Get 30% OFF your first box + a FREE gift with your subscription.

Dress better. What that means to me versus you is open to interpretation, but you must make sure your outfits are stylish, coordinated, and fit well. Style is the great equalizer, a visual smoke-and-mirrors. You can accentuate your positive attributes and minimize your perceived negatives. You also can set yourself apart from other dudes. If you have an average-looking face and/or body, dressing well will automatically make you look more attractive. People love well-dressed men.

Understand my height is not a handicap. It is not something that makes you unattractive, either. So many short dudes feel bad about themselves, thinking they’re not attractive or they won’t get a girlfriend or boyfriend. They may think they won’t make much money because of their height. If you’re thinking that you can’t get somebody because you’re short, that’s stupid and ignorant.

Take care of my grooming. It can make a dramatic difference in your perceived attractiveness and the way you feel about yourself. Go out and get a new haircut to feel amazing. Let Bosley help you get your hair back if you’re balding. If it’s receding, shave it off and grow a beard. Beers will make you feel better and more confident about yourself. Beards are like makeup for men. If you can’t grow facial hair, you don’t need to have a big luscious thick beard to be sexy. Grow what you have.

Use glasses to make me look more attractive. Eyewear has been scientifically proven per sexy senoritas to make you look more attractive. Even if your face is average, adding a badass pair of cool frames will automatically make your face look cooler. Frames will also add detail and dimension to your face.

Reduce the chubbiness of my face. If you reduce your overall body fat, your face will slim, and your double chin will improve. Reducing the amount of salt in your diet and increasing the amount of lemon water you’re drinking daily will help reduce the amount of subcutaneous water your body retains, making your face look more chiseled and sexy.

Remember, someone out there thinks I am sexy. I want you to remember that I think you’re sexy. Whenever you don’t feel attractive or not as good-looking as your buddies or people on Instagram, I want you to remember that I think you’re sexy and awesome. If you start feeling a little down about yourself, I want you to repeat, “Alpha thinks I’m sexy.”

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Nothing is worse than buying a new super-sexy signature scent and getting home where the fragrance doesn’t smell like you thought. To avoid this, check out my fragrance-buying tips. The first tip is to take your time because it’s all about the transition. The top note is what it smells like at first, which is not how the fragrance will end up. Give it time. The mid and the base follow. The base is what it settles into, so a great rule of thumb is to spray the fragrance on you and then eat lunch or go home. Evaluate after that. The scent will smell different on different people as well. The second tip is to go to the store without applying any fragrance and pick two areas of your body to test. I recommend using a different wrist for different fragrances. After applying, let the cologne chill and smell it about 60 minutes later.
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