The BEST Outfit for EVERY Occasion {NO B.S. GUIDE}

June 10, 2024
You’ll love today’s video if you’ve ever struggled to figure out what to wear to a specific event or place. I am taking all the guesswork out of the process and showing you the best outfit for every situation. You will know exactly what to wear to specific situations and look fantastic. I’m also presenting pro tips with breast practices for outfits.

The gym and casual outside. If you’re doing anything athletic, this outfit includes a simple pair of retro sneakers, fitted joggers, and a shirt that fits not too tight in the body but is also not too baggy. To create another option, you could opt for a long-sleeve t-shirt. Another idea is to exchange the joggers for appropriate shorts. These should have around a 7-inch inseam.

Casual perfection. This outfit will work for going to school or college. The goal is to be casual and kill but not super young and trendy. Avoid casual clothing with a lot of logos and branding, and instead opt for timeless, clean, and minimal aesthetic. I go for white minimal leather sneakers with a gum sole, minimal distressed medium-washed jeans, and a simple v-neck t-shirt. If you want to go for crew neck, that’s also fine. Pockets are also fine but know that they will make your shirt look more casual. If you want to dress it up, change the t-shirt for a white polo.

Business casual.  Wear chinos, not slacks. Opt for brown loafers, which you could wear with jeans and shorts as well. Pair with a white polo. With your polo, make sure it’s not cheap. I love Collar and Co because the fabric is lightweight and shinier, making it look a bit dressier.

Perfect dinner outfit. This outfit will impress. Pair brown loafers with gray slacks instead of chinos, then combine a white polo. The Collars and Co. option does not have a button on the collar and is a bit more dressier. Wear a blue blazer with a pocket square for an extra sexy touch, but make sure the jacket fits right. It should not be boxy and baggy or pull and tug.

Super sexy. This outfit is great to impress others, whether you’re going to meet friends or a cocktail party. Take a dark charcoal suit and pair it with a black shirt underneath. It could either be a button-up. Pair with black shoes.

Wedding or nice party. This outfit is clean and crisp without wearing a tie. Pair a white button-up shirt with a navy or charcoal suit. It’s clean, simple, and elegant. Wearing a suit without a tie is next-level style and aesthetic. Make sure you’re not buttoning up too high. Three buttons is the magic number, but two is the minimum. If you need to wear a tie, go with navy.

Job interview. Wear a Navy or charcoal suit with a white or light blue shirt. Add a tie. I don’t recommend a peak lapel. Make sure the lapel isn’t too thin, which would make you look young. The tie width should match the width of the lapel.

Black Tie. If you’re invited to Black Tie, it means a tuxedo. Tuxedos have shiny lapels and a shiny stripe down the side of the pants. They typically have one single button as opposed to two. Later in life, you definitely should invest in one. If you want to elevate your aesthetic for a New Year’s Eve Ball or a similar event, invest in a tuxedo. Nothing is worse than renting a tuxedo. They’ll be big and baggy. You’ll also need a bow tie that you actually tie yourself. Do not opt for a pre-tied bow tie.

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