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ZIRH Platinum Review | Men's Skincare

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Deep Wrinkle Concentrate Zirh Repair-Deep Wrinkle Concentrate
Total Recharge Zirh Platinum Total Recharge
Drenched Zirh International Platinum Drenched Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer
ZIRH has been around since 1995, and the pioneers for marketing a skincare product line specifically for men.  They were the only game in town for a long time. But as more players entered skincare, they lost market share. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the re-imaging of ZIRH to the high-end product line, ZIRH Platinum. Men, however, are price sensitive and won't spend a premium price-tag like women. One company's overreach is our advantage in the end!

Alpha has tested the following products: Alpha tried Drenched which has a high level CoQ 10 (helps reduce UV damage and strengthen collagen damage) at $125.  He tried Total Recharge which is put on under the moisturizer (helps lock in moisture with amazing ingredients) at $125. Finally, he tried Wrinkle Repair which is a dermal filler for deep facial lines at $145. It's supposed to relax the muscles which Alpha calls BS on as Botox is the only product that penetrates that deeply. He covers details as well as upside and downsides of each.

After two weeks, Alpha thought that Total Recharge is a great product! He says Daily Moisturizer is top-of-the-ling is not worth the price-tag of$125. And for the price, don't waste your money on the Wrinkle Repair if it's priced at $145.

BUT you can get each one of these form Amazon for a fraction of the price! And these products are certainly worth Amazon's price-tag: Total Recharge $26, Moisturizer $30, and Repair $30. These products are worth these prices! Now is time to try!

Pete and Pedro

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