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WTF Combatant Gentleman!? Refund Money or Give Customers Their Clothes!

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Over the years, Alpha has been asked multiple times about his thoughts about Combatant Gentleman. He was taught that if he doesn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that Combatant Gentleman has been coming up in the news a lot lately.

Combat Gent the Company

Combatant Gentleman started as a fashion-tech company. They were reinventing how clothing is made and delivered to customers. Alpha says that he doesn't care for the company, but more than anything he didn't like the people with which he interacted. He worked with them in 2014 and gave a behind-the-scenes look of the company. He got a tour and met the team. Alpha adds that the company claimed the suits are Super 140s (not cheap stuff).

Where It Gets Shady

He says that they were fibbing a bit -- you can tell there's some polyester. Their margins are super fat too - for example, their ties cost them 27 cents. Also, Combatant Gentleman actually doesn't make their suits. Big deal? The big deal is that they are selling themselves as a fashion-tech company, owning the whole supply chain (including a flock of sheep). And as far as integrity, Alpha said that the founder of Combatant Gentleman (Vishaal) mocked a Bonobos's founder (which sold to WalMart for $310 million) for not being a 'real tailor'.

Aaron Gets Burned

After Aaron made the video, he offered an Alpha M. Project sponsorship spot to Combatant Gentleman. They agreed to sponsor with clothing and money ($40K), and then Alpha signed an agreement. When Alpha sent it back to them, they said the deal was locked & solid so that Alpha could make the announcement that they're an official sponsor. Turns out they backed out after repeatedly trying to have Alpha accept less. The issues are that (a) they tried to screw him (b) it was super shady & bad business practice. They did Alpha dirty -- but he never made a video about it because the situation was his issue. But not now...

Pissed Customers

Apparently something in the technology has gotten all effed up since people aren't getting their orders. Their phone lines are shut down, and the physical location is closed. A lot of people are pissed: some claim they're not getting their money back and some say they're not getting their clothes. The website is still up too - so you can still order from them. But heads-up, Combatant Gentleman is having some issues. Hopefully everything gets figured out, but in the meantime, Alpha is giving this public service announcement.

Pete and Pedro

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