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Winter Hat Options | Beanie, Skull Cap, Bomber, Ski, Knit

Is it possible to look stylish and cool while wearing a winter hat? Aaron Marino of alpha m. talks about different types of winter hat options. Once in awhile warmth and comfort trump style.

Material options include acrylic (warm and lightweight), fleece (popular, synthetic, lightweight, warm), and wool (natural, warm, itchy), and fur. Most hats are one-size fits all but some of the higher end companies sell hats that come in varying sizes.

Depending on where you live, people call different hats different names. Common type winter hat options include: beanie, skull cap, bomber hat, ski hat, and the knit cap. The knit cap is Aaron's favorite because of the color choices (coming in a solid), reasonable prices, timelessness, ability to wear in fun-creative ways, and look (less like a penis).

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