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When to Wear a Windsor Knot | Men's Ties Tips and Advice

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. is giving his opinion of when to wear a Windsor versus Four in Hand. The Windsor is your go-to knot and standard knot when you're looking to dress up.

Width of Tie

The Windsor doesn't look too great with a skinny tie. A standard tie is 3.5 to 2.5 inches. To determine the tie's width, Alpha demonstrates where to measure. If your tie is less than 2.5 inches, opt for the Four in Hand. It also works best with all knit ties. It's simple, small, and casual.

Shirt Collar

The shirt collar impacts the knot option too. Windsor pairs well with a wide spread collar and can support a larger knot. You look like the boss because it's large, in charge, timeless, and classic! If you're going with a standard (smaller) point collar, opt for a smaller knot.

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