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What to Wear to a Reunion | High School, College, Family Reunions

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So, you're going to a reunion. Whether the event is a high school, college, or family reunion which is a perfect time to show what you've learned over the years and how your style has progressed. Dress up and look great! But hold your horses!

Before you run out and grab a tuxedo for a BBQ, check out the invitation for the time of day and event. Once you know those details, dress it up to the top of the level before crossing over. Aaron Marino of alpha m. reiterates the alpha m. principle that every man should own one perfectly tailored medium gray suit.

Once you have the perfect suit picked out, Alpha recommends keeping the style clean, simple, and classy with a white shirt and no-tie. Music is going to stop-- and people will notice. Other details and recommendations includes pocket square (fun and colorful with television fold) and go brown with belt & shoes (exciting and softens the whole look).

A Great Outfit Starts With A Great Shirt! MODERN TAILOR
Pete and Pedro

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