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7 Ways You're KILLING Your SEXINESS!

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Do you want to be sexy? Wanting to be sexy is not a bad thing - everyone wants to be sexy. It's something special and makes you irresistibly hot. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is talking about ways you can sabotage sexiness.

Stop Sabotaging Your Sexiness

1. Being an asshole and treating people poorly

2. You STINK! Too much cologne, too much body spray, your pits stink, you don't shower frequently enough, your balls are musky, your breath smells like ass. Your hygiene game is not on-point.

3. Wearing the same thing as all of your friends - you all look like mini clones of each other.

4. Wearing counterfeit name-brand gear

5. Not smiling at people and looking like you have a stick shoved up your ass

6. Not doing nice things for people

7. Not confident

CEASE the STINK! | Simple Steps to Stay Fresh & Sexy

Dollar Shave Club  is bringing you a deal right now that is absolutely cutting-edge amazing in terms of you being stinky. They have got you more than covered. Dollar Shave Club is so clean, it is ridiculous. And by clean, I'm talking they're gonna clean you from head to frickin’ toe.

SHOWER :: Dollar Shave Club  has body cleanser; they've got daily face cleanser which is incredible (I tried it, and I am an expert), and also black pepper shampoo. This smells so good that I want to wear it as a cologne.

ORAL CARE :: But get this - Dollar Shave Club also has stuff for your funky ass breath. The Superba toothbrush has a soft bristled brush, and the handle is incredible. It's exactly what you would expect from Dollar Shave Club - an amazing product. But the product that I absolutely was blown away by is their Superba ‘peppermint kick’ toothpaste. This stuff literally kicks you in the face with freshness.

SHAVE :: We can't talk about Dollar Shave Club amazingness without talking about their razor and the Dr. Carver Shave Butter. And their blades are super badass. If you've got a body, Dollar Shave Club has you covered. And the beautiful thing about the Dollar Shave Club is that the more you buy the more you save. It's kind of like their ‘handsomeness discount’.

Right now Dollar Shave Club is doing something incredibly cool. They've got three different box offers for $5 each. Use the link down below to go grab either the Shower, the Oral Care, or the Shave starter set. After you try the starter set and love it, you’ll get shipped the restock box with full-size products at regular price. Hit this Dollar Shave Club link to grab the box that you need to stay fresh and SEXY!

Pete and Pedro

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