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WARNING! Cardio Could Get You Killed

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Alpha is freaked-out! He wants to let you know how careful you need to be when you are out doing cardio around cars. Alpha loves to run outdoors for about 6 - 8 miles. The other day, he almost got killed.

Around 9am on a Sunday, Alpha was about an hour into his run. He's aware of his environment- or at least he thought. He runs towards traffic but in this situation, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, the direction you run wouldn't matter. An SUV headed toward Alpha, jumped the curb, and smashed into a light pole. The lights came crashing down. Alpha was running only 20 feet away!

There was no movement in the crashed car. The guy either had a seizure or a heart attack and was unconscious. Alpha made sure the door could open and then calls 911. Help arrived within minutes.

This accident has changed and opened Alpha's eyes. He thought he was in control as he pays attention. But in this case, he would have never heard him if he was running the opposite way.

Alpha won't be running on busy or main roads anymore. The potential is dangerous. Be careful! Be sure you can hear through your headphones and always be looking. Run in a safe environment and be aware of your surroundings.

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