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Wardrobe Purge

Aaron Marino of alpha m. is purging his wardrobe. Is purging wasteful? Does purging have to happen? Yes, you need to stream-line your life. Purging also is essential to effectively utilize and maximize your wardrobe.

Aaron got rid of things that don't fit and he doesn't use anymore. He said that purging is liberating because what remains is something that fits, is enjoyable to wear, and something that will be worn. The end result is two and a half bags of stuff.

Parting with wardrobe items can be emotional. Aaron finds solace knowing that the items are not going to waste because he's donating to a charity. The ministry to which Aaron donates gives the items away to men for free, rather than charging like Goodwill. He says he feels good to give back. Going to a place like that ministry, you realize how fortunate you are. Guys, go through your wardrobe and donate to a charity, homeless shelter, or elsewhere that goes to a good cause.

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