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TRASH These 10 Style Items {Now}! | Wardrobe Pieces to Donate

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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro discusses how he manages his image consultant consultations when the wardrobe is purged. The following ten items are easily changed and have the most impact on how you're perceived.

Clean Out the Wardrobe Clutter!

  1. Big, clunky, boxy shoes - they make you look shorter. You need clean lines and elongation in toe box.
  2. Mom jeans - there's nothing worse! By getting rid of regular rise, comfort fit, baggy jeans and switching to something more sexy, style is elevated instantaneously.
  3. Big, bulky, heavy sweaters - super hard to layer with and make you look heavy. Plus, they're not that comfortable. Opt for a light-weight, fitted sweater. Alpha loves his from Ministry - the fabric and designs are stylish, breathable, 4-way stretch, and machine washable. They are also wrinkle resistant.
  4. Hand-me-down suit and sport coat - get a tailored suit instead
  5. Any pant, chino, or khaki that is big, boxy, baggy, pleated, or heavy fabric - opt for tailored just like your shirt. You need slim fit through the thigh, tapers to ankle, and lower rise. Alpha is excited about his from Ministry - comfortable, flexible, and breathable.
  6. Old fleece jackets - lint and fuzz, ew!
  7. Big, baggy sweatpants - spend the money for tailored workout pants
  8. Any white shirt with pit stains (button-ups and tees alike)
  9. Get rid of socks that are 'quitters'
  10. Tired and worn-out underwear needs to be tossed
Pete and Pedro

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