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Virtual Makeovers | Aaron Marino Style Interventions

Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates how to enhance your image. He gives examples of his style interventions.

Virtual Makeovers

  • John - he starts with his hair and then progresses to changing his clothes to fitted.
  • Miguel - grow more pronounced eyebrows and a soul patch
  • Milan - needs a dramatic hairstyle as well as his clothes need to fit rather than over-sized
  • Pishar - put down the fiber and get a shorter hair cut; the jeans need to fit better; stick to blue or black Chucks
  • Ravdeep - the clothes need to fit better rather than baggy; losing weight is also advised (nothing has more of a dramatic impact)


Before and After

  • Jeff - he started eating better and exercising and lost 25 pounds! Great job!
  • Gorav - wow!! In six months, he lost 25 pounds doing cardio and tennis. He looks awesome!
  • Bieber - fire your stylist! You look like a member of the Flock of Seagulls!
Pete and Pedro

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