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STOP Being a {Style Sissy} | 6 Simples Steps to Upgrade Your Style

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Gentleman's Box
In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that every man experiences a fork in the road during his style journey. Does he stay safe (aka style sissy) or does he go to daring, exciting, and new?

Take Your Style to the Next Level

  1. Identify your style starting point by purging your wardrobe: is it stylish and does it fit?
  2. Ask for feedback from three outfits (work outfit, dressing to out in the evening, casual weekend dress) and take pictures to email out.
  3. Identify the holes in your wardrobe - you know where you are strong and weak from the feedback.
  4. Style expansion and exploration - go into stores you usually don't visit as well as use the Internet to explore. Alpha suggests starting with accessories because they're affordable.
  5. Wear something that 'scares' you once a month - blend old with new to create new looks
  6. Prepare yourself for feedback - (1) compliments or (2) acknowledgement or (3) giving you a hard time. Alpha describes how to handle these types of feedback.


Gentleman's Box

Alpha's favorite accessory box where you get 4 to 6 style and grooming items monthly, valued at around $100. He goes through his recent box in detail. One of the items is a booklet that explains the inspiration behind all of the pieces and then gives examples how to incorporate the items into your wardrobe flawlessly. You get over $100 of value for $25 (international $33) -- as well as a year subscription to GQ if you are domestic. Alpha loves how you can shop previous boxes too. Join now.

Pete and Pedro

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