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Twelve MORE Simple Grooming Tips for Men!

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Twenty Simple Grooming Tips for Men
Hair Loss: Tips and Tricks to Love Your Look
Nail Biting
Time to Talk About Your Toe and Foot Care Routine
How to Heal Dry, Cracked and Chapped Lips With This Simple Solution
How to Have a Better Smile and Fix Your Teeth
Manscaping: Pubic Hair Maintenance
To keep you looking fresh and fly, Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives you 12 simple and solid grooming tips. Some may apply to you, some may not.
  1. Hair loss sucks but comb-overs suck worse
  2. Biting your nails and the look of your nails after biting is nasty - it's not hygienic nor sexy
  3. Get toe nail fungus treated
  4. Chest hair coming out and curling out of the neck of your shirt is not cool - take the bulk out of it by using a facial hair grooming tool
  5. Brush your tongue to reduce odor reducing bacteria
  6. Use Biore strips to remove gross blackheads
  7. Wash your hands after using the bathroom!
  8. Chapped lips are uncomfortable to have and look at - use Vaseline
  9. If you are not smiling or self-conscious about your teeth, dental professionals can give you a smile you love
  10. Never try to trim your balls with your trimmers - pull tight, lather, and use a razor
  11. Check your teeth after ever meal
  12. Smoking and drinking ages your skin faster than anything else, including the sun
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