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Tuxedo Alternative

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The tuxedo sits at the top of the style food chain. But when the option is 'black tie' formal, is the tux as the only choice? Aaron Marino of alpha m. first discusses what composes a tuxedo. Next he discusses if you should purchase, rent, or select another alternative.

If you are regularly going to formal function or black tie events, invest in one black tux. More and more men are asking about proms, weddings, and other formal events. Should they invest in a tuxedo ($1,000) or rent one ($200)?

Renting an outfit for $200 for one day with those awful shoes is expensive. What you can do is purchase a solid black suit ($200 - $500) in lieu of renting or buying a tux. You can wear it multiple times (ie: job interviews, weddings, funerals, and more). Even without the satin lapels, you will look perfect. You can buck the tux system with this black suit by dressing it up with bow ties, pocket squares, and other options.

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