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Mystery Superset! Tri to Guess the Muscle

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What body has three very distinct parts to it and makes up 2/3 of your arm? Aaron Marino of alpha m. is going to get that body part screamin' for mercy! You need a high cable, ropes, and a bench.

Repeat superset three times as follows:

  1. Tricep push down - Use a weight that you can maintain proper form. Arms at 90 degrees and extending all the way down. When you come to the bottom, extend your elbow. 12 reps with a pause
  2. Close grip push ups - Elbows sliding against your body. Alpha demonstrates. When you get to the top, squeeze your triceps. Get 12 reps.
  3. Tricep push downs - No pause! 12 reps
  4. Tricep dips - Grab some type of bench. Go nicely and slowly. You can elevate your feet to make it more challenging and intense. Stay close to the bench. Go for 12 reps.
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