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The Trench Coat | Men's Outwear

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How to Tie a Trench Coat and Overcoat Belt
The trench coat, if worn well, is a sweet coat! Aaron Marino of alpha m. says it's basically a waterproof overcoat that was originally designed for troops in the trenches. We are modern day warriors, so we need our trench coats too.

The modern day trench coat is similar to its ancestors: wide lapels, double breasted, shoulder action, longer in length. They come in a variety of lengths. They also have a belt in a lot of cases. You can wear with jeans, chinos, slacks, corduroys, and slim fit cargo pants. It's more versitle than a pea coat with the same flair. There are two primary colors: tan and black.

The fit of your trench coat should not be monstrous! You need to size down. All outerwear will stretch out. If you can't button it, size back up. The construction creates a cinch and makes a nice silhouette. The belt can be utilized to create a more dramatic silhouette, which Alpha demonstrates.

Where can you find a great trench coat? You can find them in most department stores like Macy's which carry the following examples Alpha displays: Ralph Lauren, London Fog, Thalia. Take it up an notch and price point at Nordstrom with three examples from Burberry and Armani. If you buy smart, you can wear that coat for years to come. Opt colors such as tan, gray, or black rather than a crazy color.

You can wear a trench coat at anytime. It's a lightweight jacket. You can rock this all weather coat all year long. It's a great addition to any man's wardrobe.

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