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How to STOP Being Shy {Awkward} and START Being {Awesome}

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Snap out of it! Stop being shy and awkward -- life is too short. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro  is taking you from shy to awesome in six steps. Don't change for anyone - just be a little less shy and awkward in social situations.

Steps to Overcome Social Situation Shyness

1. Worried about what others think of us? Push down the insecurities and remind yourself about how you are amazing. People are not judging you like you think - it's all in your head. Quiet those voices.

2. Worried that you won't have anything to say? Check out this video 6 Secret Tricks to NEVER Run Out of Things to Say!

3. Worried that you are not as interesting as others? Use Skillshare as a social setting secret weapon. Use the classes to apply to conversations because the more you learn, the more interesting you are as you can talk about a ton of interesting stuff. Skillshare has over 24,000 classes in business, tech, design, writing, entrepreneurship, and more, taught by experts. Try Simon Sinek's Presentation Essentials as well as Jeff Staple's Get It Made, Get it Sold. Annual subscription is less than $10 per month. Use the link for unlimited learning for free Skillshare | Two Months of Premium FREE

4. Don't have enough practice being social? Break out of that bubble to practice and experience

5. Limited life experiences leading you to feel like you have less to offer? Get out of your comfort zone and put yourself in different experiences to break out of the stagnation

6. Fearful of the unknown?  When you feel scared, think what's the worst thing that can happen. Get in there and knock it out of the park!

Pete and Pedro

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