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How to Have Better Looking Hair | Top Ten Tips for Men's Hair

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. gets more email about hair than anything else. Well, guys, Alpha has done it! He's compiled the top ten tips on how to get better looking hair.
  1. The style- utilize Google to find options after analyzing your hair texture and length
  2. The cut- find a hairstylist that you love by asking for referrals. Make sure the stylist also teaches you how to style after the cut.
  3. The product- less is more! Also, use the right product by asking your stylist for recommendations of product(s) such as Pete and Pedro
  4. Practice and play- practice and play in different conditions
  5. Cleaning- don't over wash! Every other day or even every three days depending on how greasy your hair is.
  6. Conditioning- at least once a week, apply conditioner and let sit in order to close the cuticle for hair health, luster, and shine.
  7. Healthy diet- take care of yourself from the inside out to have healthy hair and nails
  8. Scalp- take care of the dandruff with Neutrogena T-Gel
  9. Maintenance- get fresh cuts: short hair (under 2 inches) every 3 - 4 weeks, medium every 4 - 6 weeks, and long hair every 8 weeks
  10. Don't be afraid of change- even slight variations in styling can breath new life into your look
Pete and Pedro

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