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Let's Look at Your Tongue | Dealing with Thrush

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What is the Color of Your Tongue?
When was the last time you looked at your tongue? Does it look normal or does it look white? Aaron Marino of alpha m. says that a white tongue indicates thrush.

In your body, you have good bacteria and yeast (candida). If everything is working fine, the candida is kept at bay. Sometimes we have to take antibiotics or steroid treatments that kill off the good bacteria and candida is overloaded. Probiotics are so important to replenish good bacteria and keep candida in-check.

Yeast likes dark places, damp places, and unsanitary places (your mouth). You get a yeast infection in your mouth with candida overload (thrush). Thrush can be easily treated. It's only the *band-aide*, however, because your body is out-of-balance. It's imperative to get everything in-balance with probiotics- as well as cut down sugary foods and alcohol.

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