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How to Dress to Look Thinner | Big Boy Style

Clothing can enhance your most positive attribute to bring your best assets to the table. Clothes can also minimize and modify your negative attributes. You can make yourself look taller if you are short; you can make yourself thinner if overweight. Aaron Marino of alpha m. covers clothing tips for big guys.

According to experts, all you need is a vertically striped shirt if you are overweight. But that is not it! It's a collection of details that will make you look better. Basically, you don't want a lot of extra fabric, and everything should be focused on that visual streamline.

  • Overweight guys typically wear clothes that are too big - you look bigger and bulkier. You can wear a fitted shirt. It's more tailored in the body of the shirt rather than a box cut. There is still enough room in the mid-section for your belly.
  • Baggy and pleated pants are a no-no - look for pants / slacks / jeans in a medium rise. Low rise sit low on the hips and make your belly appear larger. Regular rise are too baggy in the crotch. The medium rise is perfect but buy without pleats!
  • The cut of the pants / slacks / jeans should not taper at the ankle - Alpha demonstrates how to determine if they taper.
  • You should not wear shoes that make you look heavy; you want to wear shoes that make you longer and leaner. Alpha demonstrates. Wear sleeker shoes to make you appear taller and thinner such as Johnston & Murphy, Cole Hahn, and Florsheim.
  • Make sure your belt looks great and is coordinated with your shoes. It's okay if you tuck your shirt in if you have a big belly. Wear your pants on your natural waist.
  • Stay away from big bold colors and big bold patterns. Stick with solid pants and shirts. Dark colors are great. If you are top heavy, wear lighter colored pants to balance the lower body to the upper body.
  • Buying off the rack may be virtually impossible. Alpha discusses the challenge he had shopping with Papa Alpha. Those clothes are out there however.
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