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Men's Toe and Foot Care Routine | Pedicures Aren't Just for Chicks!

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Common Nail Problems
Spring is in the air, and before you know, it'll be time to frolic in the sun! The fact is that your toes will be front and center and need to be presentable. Your feet, like hands, need special attention. Having crusty and cracked feet or fungus-filled toe nails is beyond funky.

A pre-season pampering session is in order. Pedicures are not just for chicks! It doesn't cost much money. You'll be treated like a king. If you want to do it yourself:

  • Get rid of the callouses on the balls of your feet with a pumice stone in the shower.
  • Heel Balm by Flexitol keeps the skin softer and makes sure your cuticles looking good.
  • If toe nails are thicker or discolored, you may have a fungus. Check out this article about Common Nail Problems. Treatments range from OTC topical solutions, oral prescriptions from your doctor, and lasers by a specialist.
  • The biggest toenail (even feet) tip is keep those bad-boys trimmed! Super long toenails are repulsive! Keep trimming toenails in your weekly grooming schedule. You need a quality pair of toe nail clippers- the best are the ApeX set.
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