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Meet the Tiege Hanley Team

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Aaron's Tiege Hanley VLOG
A few months ago, Alpha told viewers about a new company he's starting called Tiege Hanley. He's been blogging about the start-up process where he talks about specific weekly issues when starting a business and building a brand. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro introduces the Tiege Hanley team when Rob and Kelley attended StyleCon 2016.

The Tiege Hanley team is at StyleCon 2016, and they are taking a moment to introduce themselves. They touch on who they are, why they got into men’s skin care, and why they’re passionate about this market. As you learn about them, you will also learn how timing has been key throughout the Tiege Hanley journey!

First up is Kelley...

Kelley is interested in having guys understand that it’s important to take care of themselves, including skin care. He says that skin care is really important, and men start too late. Further he states that men spend a lot of money on skin care when they don’t know (1) what they should be buying, (2) how often to use it, or (3) what the stuff does. Kelley speaks about how it’s hard for men to even know what they’re getting with all of the product that is out there, and trial-and-error can get very expensive.

Kelley’s background is marketing and understanding how shoppers shop and feel. He has a passion for where the American male is in today’s environment. He says that the timing of Tiege Hanley is impeccable, noting the partners proficiencies: Rob with the tech background and business savvy, Kelley with a great understanding of marketing and the male segmentation, and Aaron with his knowledge of  skin care and the best overall sense of this business.

Next up is Rob...

Rob says that his research in men’s skin care was prompted from seeing wrinkles appear. When looking at men’s skin care, it was so complicated and expensive that he didn’t know where to even start! He adds that he didn’t have the luxury of having someone like Aaron who knew what’s going on.

Rob’s background is in high-tech software business. He worked for the same company for 25 years, which started with favorable timing. When he left that company, he worked for Motorola and Google. He started doing part-time things after that, which is when he joined forces with Kelley and started researching the skin care market. They ran into Aaron thereafter, and the rest is history. Again, it’s all about timing!

Last, but not least, Aaron...

Aaron is a self proclaimed 'skin care products slut’. He’s tried almost everything that’s on the market, and it’s been frustrating. He’s been wanting to get into skin care because he hasn’t been 'serviced as a guy who wants to take care of his skin'. He says men into today’s environment have lost their identity. He discusses how too much information is out there, and as a result, a lot of guys are lost, don’t know where they fit, or don't where they need to fit.

In regard to the company, Aaron says that Tiege Hanley is the first time that he has worked with ‘business men’ where everyone is ‘walking the walk’ while having fun. He states the logistics of starting the business is tough, however.

Timing Is Everything

The Tiege Hanley team says they’d love to tell everyone about their products, but they are still working through aspects and can’t divulge too much. When the timing is right, Tiege Hanley will 'get it out there and hit it hard!'

They emphasize that Tiege Hanley will be successful because the partners are the customers too! They understand what is needed to create a better product. Tiege Hanley is also listening to the viewers, which is outside of the scope and realm of other companies. The team thanks the viewers for their feedback and comments.

Pete and Pedro

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