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How to Tie a Trench Coat and Overcoat Belt

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Alpha's Coat in the Video
Tons of men's outerwear come with belts. But what do you do with the belt? Without the belt, the coat would look boxy. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents ways to secure and fasten belts so you always look great.

Trench coats and other belted overcoats are very stylish, timeless and versatile as long as you know how to handle and tie the belt of that trench or overcoat!  In this video, Alpha demonstrates simple and quick ways to secure a trench coat belt so that it looks great and isn't just flopping all over the place killing that super cool look!

  1. Buckle like a belt buckle which is clean, easy, and simple then wrap the remaining
  2. Off to the side buckle knot which is casual cool
  3. Behind your back tie with a basic knot that hangs which the belt creates an amazing silhouette
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