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5 Things Men {Think} Women DON'T Care About - But They DO!

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5 Things Men {Think} Women Care About - But DON'T!
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You're killing you! Your chances to secure a sassy senorita, that is. First, Alpha presented a video about things that men think women care about but don't (see link above). Well, some men are still clueless. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says men still have misconceptions about what women want.

Dude Misconceptions

  1. 'Women don't want to date nice guys.' -- bad boys are OUT! Kind and friendly guys are IN!
  2. 'You don't have to powder your nuts.' - you put on deodorant under your arms, so your crotch needs similar attention. If you aren't using powder, the area between your thigh and testicles is funky smelling. It's a hot, dark, and swampy mess without ball powder. Alpha recommends Chassis.
  3. 'You don't need to be in-touch with your emotions' - it's attractive to show emotion, and women care.
  4. 'Women don't notice shoes.' - women DO notice the shoes! The guy with the stylish shoes gets the attention and action.
  5. 'Women are okay that chivalry is dead.' - being a gentleman is cool and should be taught from fathers to sons. Society is weird right now, telling everyone to do this and not do that. But you should be a gentleman and a modern-day alpha male by helping others & lifting people up. It's okay to open the damn door for a sassy senorita!


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Pete and Pedro

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