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The Upside of Rejection

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Rejection Only Stings for a Second BUT Regret Lasts a Lifetime!
Regret is a lot worse than rejection. Rejection stings for a little but, but regret makes you think about it, smacks you in the face, and then lingers. It's a dull stabbing. Here's the deal: Alpha got an email about the upside of rejection. He shares the email and story that inspired this video.

The viewer has never asked out a girl although he's had the eye on her for a long time. But he was pushed to ask her out after seeing Alpha's regret video. After he asked her out, she turned him down because she's dating someone else. He didn't get the girl, but he found out he was capable of *manning up*. Despite being turned down, he's been on cloud-9 the entire day from what he did. He's feeling pretty good about himself.

Alpha is pumped and excited about this. The viewer went after something that he wanted. He got rejected but in the end he realized he had strength and courage. This self discovery is powerful. Sometimes you can gain strength and insight from being able to handle rejection. It's not the end of the world if you fail. You get up and are stronger!


Rejection Only Stings for a Second BUT Regret Lasts a Lifetime! - See more at:
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