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Three Best Upper Chest Exercises

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Dumbbell Flies
Chest Dips
V-Neck in Video
Broscience: When a dude who looks like he should know what he's talking about in regard to working out but there's no fact or science behind his advice. He's simply giving you his opinion. So Aaron Marino of alpha m. is throwing his hat in the ring.

Alpha's sharing his opinion about the three best upper chest exercises. His advice comes from experience of being a personal trainer since 18 years old and a previous gym owner.

He says the message boards indicate that the only ways of building the upper chest are with heavy incline barbell or dumbbell press. But he's developed his chest differently. He first talks about pectoralis major and engaging the muscle. Then he discusses and demonstrates the best pec bang for the buck exercises:

  1. Dumbbell flies
  2. Body weight dips
  3. Cable flies
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