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The Male Makeover | Before and After with Jay

Aaron Marino of alpha m. is in the field and working with a client in Atlanta. He is going to purge his wardrobe, go shopping, take him to a salon for a haircut, and take some 'before and after' pictures.

After the wardrobe assessment, Jay doesn't have many clothes that fit him. He hasn't been shopping in a long time, and his wardrobe is a mix-match. With the 'before' assessment, Aaron points-out that Jay's pants are huge with extra room and the rise is long. The sweater fits great, the belt matches his shoes, and Polo shirt fits. And the undershirt, however, is worn-out. Jay doesn't own any jeans because he didn't feel they are comfortable or fit well. Jay tries on a button-down shirt, and the shirt is a huge box. Once tucked-in, the shirt is gigantic and makes him looks really thin rather than muscular with broad shoulders. His shoe selection looks like a bachelor who doesn't care about style or fashion.

After the day at the salon and shopping, Aaron reviews all of the shopping purchases and Jay's grooming session results.  The 1st  ensemble that Jay models is the Adidas, Buffalo jeans, Banana Republic pull-over, and new hair style with facial hair. The 2nd outfit Jay models is distressed jeans and Banana Republic fitted shirt with the fitted trench coat. The 3rd ensemble Jay models is dress shoes with Express producer pants (flat front, medium rise) and Express purple / white check fitted shirt. He dresses up the outfit with a velvet jacket. The 4th outfit is a non-distressed jeans with fitted Express shirt with nice detail and jacket. The 5th ensemble modeled is driving mocs with Buffalo jeans, belt, and light weight wool argyle sweater with plain button-up underneath. The last outfit is the purple argyle sweater with Banana Republic check shirt and purple tie.

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