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The Greatest Shave Ever Kit | How to Shave Your Face Like a Pro

The Greatest Shave EVER Kit enter Code IAMXXLB for 10% OFF
Aaron Marino of alpha m. reviews the Greatest Shave Ever Kit from the Grooming Lounge.
  • Learning how to properly shave your face as a man will ensure a comfortable and close shave.
  • Using high quality shave products will prevent razor burn, razor bumps, cuts and pulls.
  • Shaving your face is a daily chore that men face and doing it right will keep your face feeling fine and looking great.


Greatest Shave Ever Kit

Get a Grooming Lounge Barbershop shave in the privacy of home. Using the entire system guarantees a shave free from annoying irritation, bumps and cuts. Comes packaged in a nifty box and "shaves" some serious dough (a $10 shavings). All products were tested and developed in the Grooming Lounge's D.C. Barbershop.

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