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Alpha M. Seven Step Plan to Being Charming

The Art of Charm Pick-up Podcast
In this video professional male image consultant and style expert Aaron Marino talks about what it means to be charming and offers seven simple steps to improve your ability to charm others. Learning how to be charming will improve your social skills and ability to meet quality friends, girlfriends and associates.

Who out there considers themselves to be *charming*? The reason he asks is because he's thinking and hypothesizing about how men can get more out of life professionally and socially. If you are charming, you will be able to develop and cultivate more relationships. If you are charming, you can MAKE people like you. You are a social skills ninja!

With each new person you meet, you are starting fresh. You have a clean slate and don't know your history. Even socially awkward can benefit from the Alpha M. Seven Step Plan to be charming!

  1. Be genuinely interested in people - everyone has a story
  2. Assume rapport - never meet a stranger
  3. Smile often and engage warmly
  4. Give compliments freely (and receive them too)
  5. Laugh at yourself - don't go overboard
  6. Learn to listen
  7. Treat people with kindness and respect


Alpha is incredibly excited for you as he unlocked how men can become charming. You will be a people magnet by doing little and simple things to be magnetic! You will feel great about yourself. Be good to people and be good to yourself.

In regard to charming, Jordan and AJ run The Art of Charm. They do a podcast that is self-improvement and self-development. Alpha is contributing.

Pete and Pedro

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