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Cool Watch Brand Under $140 | Tayroc Watch Review

Awesome Men's Watch Under $40 | Timex Weekender
Aaron Marino Instagram
Tayroc Watches
Alpha loves cool men's accessories, but in the past he hasn't talked much about watches. Aaron Marino of alpha m. doesn't talk about watches on purpose because (1) he never wants anyone to feel badly that they can't afford something (2) he doesn't want anyone to go into debt to get something.

He now realizes that he should talk about different watches due to the various price-points. He started when he talked about the Timex Weekender. Then on Instagram, he started following 'watch' accounts to educate himself and because he digs watches. He found Tayroc's Instagram, and he decided to poke around. Their watches were good, and their pictures were great.

So, he went to Tayroc's website and found that they are a good price-point watch under $150 for most. The quartz movement is solid, sapphire crystal is good, and it has a stainless steel case & leather band. He found a style that he really liked (think Daniel Wellington inspired, low-profile), which he displays and describes, at only $117. It has slate gray face, gunmetal markers and hands, case gunmetal, and leather strap. The watch is super thin, super simple, versatile, and understated. He digs the color too! It's a cool brand with different styles and models (diver to dress).

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