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Tattoo Removal | Second Laser Tattoo Removal Session

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Tattoo Removal: First Laser Tattoo Removal Session
WIFH Laser Tattoo Removal
Six weeks has passed since Alpha's first laser tattoo removal session (see link below). And now Aaron Marino of alpha m. is going in for his second session. First, a shout out is given to Dr. Jay Kulkin's nephew, Todd, in New York.

Next, Alpha makes a couple of notes about tattoo removal:  (1) the better your immune system, the quicker the results with the laser removal. (2) Men respond better than women with tattoo removal. Alpha's not only getting this tattoo removed on his leg (moon) but also getting his back tattoo removed (bee). The back tattoo removal was brutal and a lot more painful than the leg. Alpha is thrilled with the results.

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